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Lovelace trial will be held in Adams County


A judge has denied a request to move the location of the upcoming Curtis Lovelace murder trial, according to a court order filed.

The legal team for Lovelace requested the venue change because of the impact of media coverage and social media since Lovelace was charged last year in the 2006 death of his wife, Cory Lovelace. The motion was heard by Judge Bob Hardwick on July 8 at the Cass County Courthouse in Virginia, Illinois.

In the court order, Hardwick stated the legal team's reason for wanting the location change was based only on opinion. He said there were no "actual statistics" backing up the attorneys' claims.

"The Court has the upmost respect for attorneys (James) Elmore and (Jeff) Page, but they are asking the court to move the trial soley on their opinion," Hardwick said in the court order. "Without persuasive and statistical evidence to support their opinion, the court is unwilling to change the trial site."

Lovelace is scheduled for jury trial starting Sept. 21.

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