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Walking with science


(WAVE) A young boy from Australia is spending five weeks in Louisville, Kentucky learning in small steps how to walk. 

Evander Conroy thinks he's playing in a land of pirates and treasure. He doesn't realize it's hiding a ton of hard work.

"Everything in here is play, and yet it's all designed with the goals we have in mind," said Andrea Behrman, a UofL professor, researcher and director of the Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery.

Behrman is proud of her lab that's helping Evander -- born with a cancerous tumor in his chest cavity that damaged his spinal cord -- do something most doctors thought he wouldn't. 

"Kids that we didn't ever expect to get better ... This child, this family was told since birth that he would never walk, he would not stand, he would not have trunk muscles that would be active, he couldn't sit up," Behrman said.

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