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Lovelace murder trial pushed back

Lovelace's legal team leaves the courthouse lawn. Lovelace's legal team leaves the courthouse lawn.
Curtis Lovelace Curtis Lovelace

The judge in the Curtis Lovelace murder case granted a motion to continue Monday despite opposition.

Judge Bob Hardwick granted the motion filed last week by Lovelace's attorneys, James Elmore and Jeff Page. The jury trial is now scheduled to begin Nov. 30. 

The start of Monday's motion hearing was delayed for nearly 20 minutes as the defense team and special prosecutor Ed Parkinson met with Hardwick. During the hearing, Lovelace's attorneys said they were not ready for trial. Parkinson said prosecution was ready and pointed out that the case had been continued several times.

Hardwick then granted the motion.

"I am not going to push Mr. Lovelace into a trial," Hardwick said during the hearing.

Lovelace is accused of murdering his wife, Cory, back in 2006. He was arrested in August and has since been held in the Hancock County Jail on a $5 million bond.

After the hearing, Parkinson said he wasn't surprised by the turn of events.

"They have a potential expert witness that might help them in their quest for what was the cause of death," Parkinson said. "So they asked for a short continuance so that the expert could look over previous reports."

He added, "I just didn't want to agree to it, because I think we've produced as much as we can to the defense. I don't blame them for wanting to find another expert, but I'm just ready for trial."

A final pre-trial is scheduled for October 29th. 

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