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MLB TV Schedule


Game times and schedule are subject to change.

CW   5/15/2016  Noon Chicago White Sox @ New York Yankees

FOX  5/21/2016  6pm  Chicago Cubs @ San Francisco Giants

FOX  5/28/2016  6pm  St. Louis Cardinals @ Washington Nationals

FOX  6/4/2016    6pm  San Francisco Giants @ St. Louis Cardinals

FOX  6/11/2016  6pm  St. Louis Cardinals @ Pittsburgh Pirates

FOX  6/18/2016  7pm  Pittsburgh Pirates @ Chicago Cubs

FOX  6/25/2016  6pm  Houston Astros @ Kansas City Royals

FOX  7/2/2016  6pm  Chicago Cubs @ New York Mets

FOX  7/9/2016  6pm  Chicago Cubs @ Pittsburgh Pirates

FOX  7/12/2016  6:30pm  MLB All-Star Game @ Petco Park, San Diego, CA

CW  7/26/2016  6pm  Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox

CW  7/27/2016  7pm  Chicago White Sox @ Chicago Cubs

CW  7/28/2016  7pm  Chicago White Sox @ Chicago Cubs

FOX  9/10/2016  Noon  Chicago Cubs @ Houston Astros

FOX  9/17/2016  Noon  New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox

FOX  9/24/2016  Noon  Matchup TBD

FOX  10/1/2016  Noon  Matchup TBD

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