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Keokuk chiropractor accused of groping a patient still allowed to practice

Andrew Kearse Andrew Kearse

*Editor's note: A jury found Andrew Kearse not guilty of simple assault Feb. 3, 2016. The decision does not affect the separate investigation by the Iowa Board of Chiropractic.

A Keokuk chiropractor accused of assaulting a patient in an exam room was still licensed to practice Thursday by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Dr. Andrew Kearse was charged Tuesday with simple assault. Court records state Kearse admitted in an interview with police he was sexually aroused when he grabbed a woman's bare breast while in an exam room in June.

An Iowa Department of Health spokesperson said the Board of Professional Licensure only reviews possible allegations based on public complaints filed or if a board member receives evidence.

IDPH would not confirm if any complaints were filed or if the agency is looking into the situation.

"Information about complaints received by the bureau is confidential unless or until public action is taken against a licensee by a licensing board." IDPH Spokesperson Polly Carver-Kimm said.

Lee County Attorney Michael Short said the only way he sees Kearse stopped from practicing, other than the state level, is if a judge orders Kearse to stop seeing patients.

Also, despite allegedly admitting to the inappropriate contact, Kearse is scheduled for a bench trial in October.

"The Iowa rule is that an out of court admission, in and of itself, is not enough to convict," Short said.

Short said Thursday he does expect Kearse to enter a not guilty plea, but it is still possible the case won't make it to trial.

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