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States attorney wants to ensure Quincy murder trial starts next month

Steson Crider Steson Crider
Stefan Crider, Jr. (left) and Julia Crider Stefan Crider, Jr. (left) and Julia Crider
Stefan Crider III Stefan Crider III
A man accused of killing a 12-year-old boy in Quincy was in court Friday morning for a motion hearing.
Steson Crider was charged with first-degree murder in the March death of Rayshone Humphrey, Jr. He's scheduled for jury trial starting Oct. 13.
At the end of the hour-long hearing on Friday, Adams County States Attorney Jon Barnard asked Judge Robert Adrian to consider placing the upcoming murder trial first on the October docket. Barnard said moving up the trial to the top of docket would ensure the it doesn't get pushed back by other cases.

Barnard mentioned another murder trial, against Gavin Masters, was also scheduled for October. 

"I ask that this case be set in front of (the Masters case), because I don't want to compromise speedy trial rights," Barnard said.

There were no objections and Adrian didn't have an issue with the request. 

"As far as Mr. Crider's case goes, he should have priority because he's been in custody longer than (Masters)," Adrian said in court. 

The order was expected to be filed later Friday.

There was some commotion at the start of the hearing when Crider was giggling as he was brought in. His family members also started laugh. 

Bailiffs had to remind them it wasn't "visiting hour."

Crider's father and step-mother, Stefan Crider, Jr. and Julia Crider were in the courtroom. Stefan Crider III was also in the courtroom for the hearing. The three were previously arrested on conspiracy charges. 

Those charges were later dismissed at the request of Barnard, which he viewed as a strategic move. Barnard wanted to ensure Steson Crider's legal team didn't get what he referred to as "a free preview."

A total of 13 motions were discussed during the hearing.

Adrian granted two motions by the defense regarding access to juvenile records. Tad Brenner, who is representing Steson Crider along with attorney John Hauk, wanted to have access to juvenile records for three potential witnesses to check on possible gang-related activity.

Another motion discussed was regarding alleged statements made by Julia Crider, the step-mother of Steson Crider. The motion filed states two people told police that Julia Crider made statements to them that implicated Steson Crider in the death of Humphrey, Jr.

Ruling on the motion was reserved by Adrian. He said the court needed to learn more about those statements and what the purpose was of using those statements.
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