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Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal visits Keokuk

Bobby Jindal talks with supporters. Bobby Jindal talks with supporters.

The election is still a year away, but presidential candidates are already making the rounds in Iowa. Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal stopped in Keokuk Tuesday evening to talk with voters about where he stands on the issues.

In front of a packed room at the Hawkeye Restaurant, Louisiana Governor and Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal told supporters that what set him apart from the other GOP candidates was his conservative back story.

"There are a lot of great talkers on the Republican side, you've got senators talking about things, you've got seven governors, current and former governors,  running," Jindal said. "I'm the only one who has cut the size of government." 

It's one of the final stops for Jindal in Iowa. He says he's spent the last several weeks touring the state talking about the big issues - like immigration, de-funding Planned Parenthood, and foreign policy. He says voters have expressed a lot of frustrations.

"They feel like the political establishment has let them down," Jindal said. "Whoever they vote for, nothing seems to change. They want term limits. They want elected officials to live under the same rules as the rest of them. They want to grow the American economy and not the government economy."

Lee County Republican chairman Terry Schrepfer says he was pleased to host a presidential candidate, saying the votes these GOP hopefuls can garner here could be valuable.

"We're just as passionate, they're going to want our votes just as badly as anyone else in the state," Schrepfer said. 

He says it also provides a good opportunity for undecided voters to get a closer look at the people that could be their next President, and to decide who they want to support.

"You get to watch the body language, you get to watch their manner of speech, you get to see everything they say, not just pieces like you do on TV," Schrepfer said.

Schrepfer says other candidates have campaigned in Lee County, including Rick Santorum, and Carly Fiorina.

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