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Quincy students learn ways to stay safe while walking to school.

Walking to school safely Walking to school safely

Every 32 minutes a child in the U.S. is hit by a car that's according to Safe Kids Worldwide.  That's why officials took the time Tuesday to teach kids how to walk to school safely.

"You have to look both ways, because if you didn't look both ways then if a car was coming then it could hit you," Ethan Stark said.  Stark, a second grader at Berrian Elementary was one of the many kids learning the proper ways to stay safe when heading to school.

Volunteers with Safe Kids Adams County went to class Tuesday to talk to kids about the dangers they could face when walking to school.

Jan Hummel, with Safe Kids Adams County, says with Halloween coming up, the presentation they present is especially important.  "This is a way to reinforce those things to them before the holiday," Hummel said.  "To remind parents too that they need to be good examples."

Officials say some of the most important things to teach kids are to always cross at crosswalks and look both ways before crossing the street.

Second grade teacher Wendy Wilson says Tuesday's lesson also taught kids that they need to be aware of more than just themselves.  "They know what they need to do but a lot of times there bodies are not big enough for a car to see them," Wilson said.  "They have to be aware and know the safety rules and how to get where they need to go."

Wilson hopes the kids will use Tuesday's lesson to set an example for younger students and siblings.

Wednesday is International Walk-to-School Day and officials with Safe Kids Adams County will be at Washington, Blessed Sacrament and Madison Schools.  

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