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Donald Trump campaigns in the Tri-States

Trump talks to voters in Burlinton. Trump talks to voters in Burlinton.

In front of 2,500 people at Burlington's Memorial Auditorium, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump joked with audience members and insulted opponents. It's the kind of unfiltered campaign that Trump has come to be known for during this presidential race.

He wasted no time criticizing mainstream politics today.

"They get to Washington and they become ... wimps," Trump said. "They become, something happens to them!"

Trump's Iowa visit is ahead of the upcoming caucus in February.

The real estate mogul is gaining support with Republican Primary voters. A recent NBC poll shows him holding 25 percent support from those voters, the largest since he first entered the race.

In Iowa, those numbers are similar, showing Trump leading Republican candidates in the polls.

It's something Trump mentioned, when criticizing party rival Jeb Bush.

"I think I'm going to stop talking about him," Trump said. "I sort of thought he was going to be a favorite? He's not doing so well."

He also agreed with Vice President Joe Biden's decision to not make a run for the Democratic nomination.

"I think he did the smart thing, because frankly I don't know if he would have won," Trump said.

Cheyenne McMillen is a 16-year-old from Fort Madison. She may be too young to caucus, but she says she's not too young to support the campaign.

"The older people, they have what they want, their opinions formed," McMillen said. "We need to have our opinions figured out, find out what we want for our country and start taking charge of our future."

Others, like Paul Ealey, came to hear the candidate. But the Keokuk native says he's on the fence. This event is for listening and learning.

"I'm still trying to make my decision on who I'm going to cover during the caucus and work for," Ealey said.

Trump expects to take on Hillary Clinton and told voters from Iowa, Illinois and Missouri Wednesday night and is confident he can defeat her.

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