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Famed pathologist testifies Cory Lovelace died by suffocation, state rests its case


The murder trial for Curtis Lovelace resumed Monday in a packed courtroom, and the prosecution wrapped up its case by the end of the day.

The former Adams County prosecutor is accused of murdering his wife, Cory, in 2006. Lovelace was arrested in August of 2014 and was charged with first-degree murder.

Famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden took the stand.

Baden said Cory died from suffocation, likely by a pillow. He said Cory's arms were in rigor mortis and were positioned as if someone had removed something from under her hands. Baden said the scene had been tampered with before photographs were taken. Baden says the amount of alcohol in her blood alcohol concentration, .049, would be equal to a two ounce drink of alcohol. Baden stated mark on her lip could only have come from pressure on the mouth. He said falling would have caused brushing to nose. The defense stressed this was Baden's opinion, not firsthand knowledge.

The defense said the jury would have to reject statements by children and Curtis to believe Cory was dead well before she was found, but Baden said the jury wouldn't have to reject the statements, because they may be mistaken by recalling a different day instead of the one she was found dead. 

Lovelace's oldest child, Lyndsay Lovelace, testified she doesn't remember talking to police after her mother's death.

"I can't say 100 percent I saw her that morning," Lyndsay testified.

Lyndsay said she found out her mother died when Curtis Lovelace came to school and told her in the principal's office. The defense had no cross-examination questions for her. 

The defense began its case with a taped interview of Lindsay Lovelace talking to police in 2014. In the video, Lyndsay said her mother had still been sick when she died, but was feeling better. She said she didn't know it at the time, but realized her mother suffered from bulimia. She said she'd heard gagging in the bathroom at times. She said she didn't remember Curtis helping Cory up the stairs and didn't remember Cory talking about falling before she died. She didn't recall talking to police. Lyndsay said her parents used to fight.

"They typically fought when we were alseep," Lyndsay said. "A few times when I was awake."

Logan and Lincoln Lovelace also took the stand. Both testified they saw their mother on the steps the morning she died. Logan said he didn't remember a lot of details. The defense told Logan some doctors say Cory died the day before Valentine's Day. Logan said he disagreed.

"I saw my mom on February 14, 2006," Logan testified.

Curtis Lovelace was tearful during the boys' testimonies.

Logan testified when Curtis told him his mom had died, he said Curtis was devastated.

"I've never seen him cry like that before," Logan testified.

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