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For Better or For Worse: If Curt Didn't Do It, What Happened?

Christine Lovelace talks to Gene Kennedy. Christine Lovelace talks to Gene Kennedy.
Cory Lovelace Cory Lovelace
Curtis Lovelace speaks to WGEM News in a previous news story before his arrest. Curtis Lovelace speaks to WGEM News in a previous news story before his arrest.

Eight years after his first wife, Cory, died, Quincy police arrested Curtis Lovelace for first-degree murder as he was leaving his Quincy law office.

That was Aug. 27, 2014, and when a friend told his third and current wife, Christine, she was shocked.

"I felt the tears coming down my face," Christine said. 

A flood of emotions took over. Prosecutors accused Curt of suffocating Cory with a pillow on Valentine's Day, 2006. Christine was living in Chicago at that time. She wouldn't connect with Curt for another seven years. Eight months after their wedding, Christine's husband was an accused murderer, sitting in jail.

What did Christine know about Cory's death?

"The same as everyone else," Christine said. "That there were some various theories and I don't want to get too deep into them, but nothing that was not natural."

Christine says she thinks Cory died of natural causes. But in court, prosecutors tried to paint a picture of a cold-blooded killer. They said Curtis didn't call 911 after Cory died, but instead, called his boss at the time, State's Attorney Jon Barnard. They said after dropping his kids off at school, Curtis showed up to Cory's mom's home, Marty Didriksen's place, saying Cory was dead, and abruptly left.

How does Christine process that?

"I don't know Marty, so I can't speak to that, but that's not the husband that I know," Christine said. 

The jury came back split down the middle. Six voted guilty; Six voted not guilty. But many on the not guilty side still had questions about what Curtis may have done to Cory.

"I felt like something happened in that house," Jury Foreman Adam Buss said. "But what happened in that house? The case was never proved to me."

"I still to this day don't know what happened," Juror Katie Venvertloh said. "Even after seeing both sides, I don't know what I believe."

Does the process she's been through change Christine's view of Curt's innocence or guilt?

"No," she said. "I absolutely know my husband's innocence. This isn't just because I'm married to him or I want something bad enough. I absolutely know there isn't any evidence that proves or points to a crime being committed."

WGEM News reached out to Cory's mother to talk about the case, but she politely declined.

In For Better or For Worse: Curt Behind Bars, we continue our series with Christine. She talks about Curt's life behind bars, his extreme weight loss, his mental state and their conversations.

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