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For Better or For Worse: Curt Behind Bars

A deputy leads Curtis Lovelace to a transport van. A deputy leads Curtis Lovelace to a transport van.
Curtis Lovelace sits in a transport van. Curtis Lovelace sits in a transport van.

He was once a prominent local prosecutor and Quincy School Board president, but for the last year and a half, Curtis Lovelace has spent his days in a jail cell after prosecutors say he murdered his first wife, Cory Lovelace.

"It still hurts," Curt's current wife, Christine Lovelace, said.

She married Curtis only eight months before police arrested him for murder.

"I decided with my family that I would change my career," she said. 

She adopted Curt and his late wife, Cory's, three young sons and left behind a career in business consulting to run a pie shop in downtown Quincy.

"Usually every day at lunch, he'd come and have lunch with me and help me in the pie shop," Christine said. 

But that all changed August 27, 2014.

"I was a little worried when I hadn't heard from him, but I chalked it up that he had a busy schedule," Christine said.

But then, she got a text message from a close friend.

"I had that twinge that something's wrong," she said.

Emotions took over when she realized it wasn't his schedule that kept him out of the pie shop that day.

"I knew, I knew," Christine said. "I felt the tears coming down my face."

Quincy police arrested curt on a first-degree murder charge after the grand jury indicted him that morning. He was accused of suffocating his first wife, Cory, on Valentine's Day, 2006. The trial was a decade after her death, and it ended in a hung jury.

"It's very difficult to listen to my husband's weeping on the phone and how much he wants to be at home," Christine said.

But since that day in August 2014, Lovelace has only known a life behind bars.

"Visiting hours take place in different forms between Hancock and Adams County Jail," Christine said. "I've been on the phone with him numerous times. We speak."

She's watched as Curtis's weight dramatically dropped.

"When he was first arrested, he weighed about 230 pounds," she said.

A year and a half later, that number has dropped.

"He's probably at 185, 190," Christine said.

Christine says her husband is having a tough time. She says he weeps over the phone. Has this played a part in his weight loss?

"He's very strong," she said. "He's a very faithful man."

She blames the weight loss on a steady junk food diet behind bars, not her husband's mental state. Whatever the case, what has felt like an endless waiting game only continues as Curtis Lovelace and his family prepare for a second murder trial.

"I don't have the words as to what it feels like inside," Christine said. "I know it feels empty right now, but we're a very faithful family."

She says every jailhouse phone call is recorded, so having a private family conversation is extremely difficult, but she stresses faith and friends are helping her family during this life-changing time.

In For Better or For Worse, Christine shares their love story. She shares how it all began with a high school dance, how they went their separate ways, and how they found each other - miles from home - years later. 

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