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Local Preemies: Baby Jesselin's Story


As told by her mother and father, Megan and Tony Seaver, from Bushnell, Illinois:

We had a 23-weeker born in Canton, Illinois, July 5, 2011.

I was having back pain and was spotting and went to the hospital July 4, 2011, and they said I had UTI and did a test and it came back negative and they never checked me and they sent us home.

We went to Galesburg, Illinois, to see the fireworks. I think I was in labor during the fireworks show, and Jesselin doesn't like loud sounds, so after fireworks, we went home and still was having a lot of back pain.

Ended up going to the hospital around 1:30 a.m. and then finally had her in the toilet around 2:50 a.m. I thought "I lost a kidney or the baby came" is what I told my husband . The nurse, Tammy Booth, got her out of the toilet,  who lost her battle to cancer Nov. 3, 2015. We say Tammy Booth was the one who saved my daughter's life and also the ER doctor.

She weighed 1 pound,  seven ounces and 11 1/2 inches long.

Jesselin was airllifted in a helicopter around 6:30 a.m. to Peoria OSF Children's Hospital, where the staff,  Dr. Hocker and his team, did wonderful. We had a group of nurses that we picked for the care of Jesselin. Rose was the one that Jesselin was with in the helicopter. The nurses that took wonderful care of Jesselin is Kelli Guth, Sarah Lafferty and Julie Allenbaugh, and of course there was others, but the ones we picked were them.

Jesselin is delayed, but we say she is a miracle cause we did lose our first baby at 34 weeks not knowing why. Her name Is Clara.

Jesselin has had eight surgeries. A lot of them were for intestine problems. She had holes in it. They say its like sewing through a wet Kleenex. She also had a surgery where they put a clip on her heart valve because when you are pregnant, it's open and when the babies are born, it closes, but hers was open. It's called PDA.

We were in the hospital for 116 days. Jesselin came home on monitors and oxygen. She was only on them for about a month. We had the whole family get their flu shots and whooping shots and if they didnt get them, then they had to see her through the window.

Jesselin was able to be around people in April 2012.

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