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Prosecution opposes request for free trial transcripts by Lovelace

Curtis Lovelace Curtis Lovelace

The prosecution in the Curtis Lovelace murder case filed a motion in opposition of his request for free transcripts, according to court records.

The motion was filed Wednesday in Adams County Circuit Court by prosecutor Ed Parkinson. It's in response to a request filed Feb. 18, in which Lovelace asked for the transcripts in a letter and stated he didn't have the money to pay for them.

The motion states the request for transcripts should be denied because Lovelace is still technically represented by attorneys Jay Elmore and Jeff Page.

"When a defendant is represented by counsel, he generally has no authority to file pro se motions, and the court should not consider them," the motion states. "An accused has the right either to have counsel represent him or to represent himself; but a defendant has no right to both self-representation and the assistance of counsel."

The jury trial for Lovelace ended in a mistrial Feb. 5. A re-trial has been scheduled for May 31.

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