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Residents in Hancock County clean up after severe weather

Window broken out in Warsaw due to hail. Window broken out in Warsaw due to hail.

Residents in the northern part of the Tri-States have a lot of cleanup to do after severe weather tore through the area Tuesday night.

"Absolutely perfect. You couldn't ask for a better day. It was nice, still, warm."

That's how Warsaw residents described Tuesday, until severe weather rolled through.

Hail pummeled the area from Clark County, Missouri, to McDonough County, Illinois, causing damage to homes and cars along the way, including Dean Walker's car in Warsaw, Illinois.

"It was unbelievable," Walker said. "We had damage on both our vehicles and windows knocked out."

Country Financial Agent Paul Figge says as soon as the storm finished, hundreds of people were trying to file claims for damages on their homes and cars through phone calls, emails , texts and

"As a small town community here, Everybody knows where I live," Figge said. "There was a steady stream of vehicles in and out of the driveway."

Figge says nearly everyone who doesn't have a garage has hail damage to their vehicles.

"The homes are seeing a lot of damage," Figge added. "A lot of broken beat-up siding, storm windows, screens and some actual windows broken.

The damage may be small in scale, but because of the damage being spread out across town, it could be awhile before it's all repaired. 

"The big picture will be coordinating enough contractors and getting everybody repaired," Figge said. "I would have to assume that you won't have all of the storm damage repaired truly until the end of summer."

Walker says he's just glad everyone is ok.

"Nobody got hurt," Walker added. That was the main thing. No one got hurt anywhere. We can always find something good about it you know."

For those looking to file a claim,  Figge says assess the damage and compare the costs to your deductible ahead of time. Figge reminded residents to always talk with your agent to help in assessing the damage if you are unsure. 

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