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Cifaldi ends campaign for Adams County State's Attorney


Despite thousands of ballots not yet counted following Tuesday's primary election, Jennifer Cifaldi has released a statement saying she will end her campaign in the race for Adams County State's Attorney, conceding to fellow Republican candidate Gary Farha.

Cifaldi was trailing in the unofficial vote count 63 percent to 37 percent as of Wednesday

The full statement released Wednesday night from Cifaldi read as follows:

“The Tuesday primary election in Adams County has left a lot of questions unanswered and I have had a near constant stream of concerns being shared with me today. I share the concern that the electoral process was flawed and the integrity of the ballots was compromised. It appears, however, that my opponent has earned enough of the votes recorded to be declared the winner in the primary election. With that in mind, I have called Gary to congratulate him and wish him the best.

I expect, however, that all the votes cast will be counted with some appropriate level of expediency and with respect to the voters who cast them. There is no way to account for voters who were disenfranchised at the polls by being denied a ballot, some multiple times, and there is no way to ever know how this election would have turned out had it been run according to the election laws of our state. The final results in this race will always be in question, and that is an unfortunate fact that all involved will have to come to terms with.

At this point, I believe that continuing to maintain my campaign footing and hoping for an intervention that will change the outcome is unwise, and I am ending my campaign accordingly. Again, I wish Gary the best and will do all that I can to make sure the transition from Jon Barnard’s leadership to his assumption of office goes smoothly. The one thing he and I have agreed upon during this race is that the State’s Attorney’s role in the safety of our community is vitally important, and I will do my best to ensure that continues to be the case. 

I thank all my supporters and the people who worked so hard for the past 15 months to help me make my case to the voters. I wish I could give them a better outcome or some level of satisfaction that our work got a fair consideration on Election Day. I cannot, which is beyond unfortunate.

I believe that the most important consideration at this point is restoring the voters’ confidence in the integrity of the ballot and the belief that our elections are open, free, and fair. Anything less is a serious loss for our community. In the days and weeks ahead, I will work with the Illinois Attorney General and the Illinois State Board of Elections to make sure their investigation is comprehensive and exhaustive. They have asked us to turn our data over to the office of State Representative Randy Frese, who is assisting in the collection of information for their review. To that end, I ask that those who have any information about election irregularities, including instances where you were refused the opportunity to vote, to submit their comments to Representative Frese by email to: or by phone at (217) 223-0833.”

State Representative Randy Frese says he is coordinating with the State Board of Elections and the Illinois Attorney General's Office to collect information and pass it on.

Gary Farha issed the following statement Thursday:

In light of my opponent ending her campaign for Adams County State’s Attorney by way of her press release / public statement, and in light of her contacting me last night and personally informing me of same, I graciously accept her concession. Despite this, however, and until the County Clerk officially calls the election, I am unable to make any further comment other than to thank all of the citizens of this great county for their support. This campaign has been long but it has also been rewarding in that I have been able to see so many life long friends of Adams County and to meet and make so many more. Adams County is a wonderful place to live, and when we all work together for the common good of our county amazing and great results are produced. I would also like to thank everybody that helped with my campaign from my committee to volunteers. I am so grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support and I just want to say thank you to everybody who has helped and together I know we can keep Adams County moving forward in the right direction.

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