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Ballot fiasco: State's attorney filling response asking emergency stay be lifted

Jon Barnard Jon Barnard

Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard said he planned to file a response Monday morning to the Illinois Appellate Court's decision to stop late voting this week.

This comes after the Illinois Appellate Court ordered an emergency stay on the late voting this week approved Thursday by Judge Chet Vahle. The Illinois Attorney General's Office asked Vahle to vacate his ruling Friday afternoon, but Vahle denied the request. 

The attorney general's office promptly filed an appeal that afternoon and the appellate court issued the emergency stay.

Barnard's response is asking the court to lift the emergency stay and allow late voting.

"There's about three different ways they can go with on this," Barnard said Monday morning. "They might simply rule on it without oral argument. They may invite oral argument."

"They could do nothing," Barnard added.

However, Barnard said his goal is to get the situation resolved as soon as possible so people who didn't get to vote in last Tuesday's primary can have a chance to cast ballots.

"The most important thing for everybody is that this come to a decision point in the appellate court as quickly as possible and I don't want to jeopardize that even it if it means waiving oral argument," Barnard said. "I will simply hope and depend that they will reverse their decision after I've had a chance to respond without oral argument."

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