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Stay connected with WGEM News after our text messaging services end

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If you subscribe to any of our WGEM text messaging services, you need to know that those messages will stop on April 29th, 2016. We want to thank you for signing up. We also want you to know how you can get a lot of the same, great information from our other digital products.

The WGEM StormTrak Weather App is a great source for severe weather alerts and school closings information. New this spring, the first screen will feature a headline indicating that school closings are available when any are active. When severe weather is active, the app will automatically let you know with another headline.

You can then track the storm using the interactive tools in the weather app. You can also choose to enable voice alerts for severe weather. You will hear a WGEM StormTrak meteorologist's voice tell you when severe weather is active in your area. And you can watch live streaming video our newscasts. Click here for more information about the WGEM StormTrak Weather App.

The WGEM News App also features severe weather information, school closings and live streaming video. It's a great way to watch our live newscasts when you're away from your television. We'll also send you push alerts for breaking news. Click here for more information about the WGEM News App.

And you can sign up for our WGEM News and Weather Email Services, either severe weather alerts, daily forecasts or both. 

Of course you can count on the WGEM News and StormTrak Weather teams for breaking news and severe weather coverage on our website and on television.

Prior to April 30th, you can text the word STOP to our short code at any time to stop our text messaging services. At any time, you may delete any messages you received from us from your mobile device. Again, our text messaging services (SMS) will end on April 29th. Thanks again for using WGEM text messaging.

Our text messaging services end April 29th, 2016.

Why is the text messaging program ending? We are ending text messaging services for business reasons - in part because our other digital products offer a more advanced solution, especially for smartphone users, which now amount to 80% of the cellphone market.  

Do I as a subscriber need to do anything to stop the messages on April 29th? No. Our SMS message services will stop for all subscribers on April 29th. You will not receive any messages from us after that point. You can delete any old messages you still may have on your phone at any time you wish. You can also text STOP to our short code at any time you wish to stop receiving messages from us before April 29th.

How do I get severe weather alerts now? We encourage you to download our free weather app. You can choose our voice alert option to receive an alert when severe weather is active in your area. In-app headlines provide an additional way to know when severe weather is active. When an alert is issued for your location, a headline will be visible on the screen you see when you launch the app. From there you can click to see additional details. You can also track the storm using interactive radar and watch our live streaming severe weather coverage when available.

In addition to our weather app, you can go to the weather page on our website to sign up for weather email services including weather alerts and your daily forecast.

Our website and our news app also include severe weather alerts and a variety of tools to keep you safe.

How do I get school closings now? School closings are available in our free weather app. When at least one school closing is in effect, a headline will be visible when you launch the app. Clicking on that headline will take you to the school closings page.

School closings information is also available on our website and in our news app.

How do I get breaking news alerts now? We encourage you to download our news app and enable push alerts. When you do that, our newsrooms can send breaking news alerts to your mobile device. Clicking on those alerts takes you to a page within the news app that contains the breaking news story.

Additionally, we notify our Facebook fans and Twitter followers of breaking news events and direct them to coverage on our website.

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