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Gridiron Preview: South Shelby embraces change on both sides of the ball


Another season and another district championship came and went just a season ago in Shelbina, but it is safe to say the South Shelby Cardinals wanted more than their 6-7 mark in 2015. 

"We like being the underdogs. We're kind of taking that and it's kind of our motivation," said senior linebacker Dylan Boling.

"We really want to work harder and have a better season than we did last year."

This year head coach Rob Wilt and the Cardinals are setting out to stay healthy on the field, something they had trouble with a year ago.

However, if there is a silver lining to last season's injuries it is that last year's reserves got a chance to earn their playing time and are now this year's starters. 

"We had to have a lot of young guys step in there and do a good job," said Wilt. 

"We're hoping those young (players) got a lot of experience and will carry us through the season." 

You can also add a new defense to the equation in Shelbina this year. Under first-year defensive coordinator Luke O'Laughlin, the Cardinals are playing around with some new schemes. 

"We're running a lot of line stunts. That's what I love to do on the line; move around," said senior lineman Anthony Schaefer. 

Something that might catch you by surprise this season is that the Cardinals intend to take flight more often. 

"We're not quite as 'ground and pound' as we were last year and I'm looking to throw the ball a little be more this year, as well," said Wilt. 

Throwing those passes that Wilt wants to see more of with be new quarterback Alec Patterson. However, with less size in the trenches, Patterson will have to rely on his skill position players' speed to make up the difference. 

"We have more speed this year," said senior lineman Orion Jarman. 

"We lost everyone on our offensive line that were seniors last year so we won't be able to run the ball up the middle as much but we'll do all right in the passing game."  

The Cardinals get to put their new offense and defense to the test when they travel to Brookfield on August, 19th for their first game. 



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