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Local veteran reacts to latest Legionnaires' disease case

Water tower stands at the Illinois Veterans Home. Water tower stands at the Illinois Veterans Home.

A third person at the Illinois Veterans' Home in Quincy has tested positive for Legionnaires' Disease, according to Illinois officials.

This comes after two people tested positive last month, prompting another round of testing to find the source. Members of American Legion Post 37 in Quincy say it's upsetting to see more Legionnaires' cases developing at the vets home, especially after several deaths last year, but they think officials are doing all they can to keep this from getting worse.

"They did a $5 million upgrade out there on the water system going through and I think that's a big step in the right direction,"  Commander Dennis Boden of the American Legion Post 37 said.

Boden hates to hear about another Legionnaires case at the Quincy vets home, but he feels action has been taken to find the source.

"Obviously they've stuck all the money in it that they can," Boden added. "They also called the CDC to have them come down."

The CDC's latest test results are pending and officials at the vets home say they aren't taking the recent cases lightly.

"We have just about every safeguard in place that the CDC recommended," Interim Administrator Cathy Houston said.

Houston says CDC officials tested the grounds from Monday to Thursday trying to find a source of the latest cases. She says the CDC's report isn't expected for another two weeks.

"We always are looking every month, every week at any illness to see what a cause is or if there's any outbreak of anything," Houston added.

Health officials never found a source last summer when the disease killed 12 people and sickened dozens of others and still no source found in new cases this summer. Houston is hoping the CDC's latest tests will come up with some answers.

"Safety of our residents and their health is our top priority for all of us," Houston explained. "So of course we would want to know."

Boden also wants to see the results.

"I'd like to hear that there's nothing over there to find because whatever it was is gone, but I'd love to see them do a complete checkup on the buildings, the chillers, the water coolers and everything that's over there to stop this from happening again," Boden explained.

Illinois Veteran Home officials say the resident in this most recent case is already back at the vets home recovering and the staff will continue to test anyone who shows signs of symptoms.

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