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MISSION #38: Local veterans return home from Great River Honor Flight

Veterans on the plane Thursday morning en route to Baltimore. Veterans on the plane Thursday morning en route to Baltimore.
Military members stand ready to meet veterans in Baltimore on today's honor flight. Military members stand ready to meet veterans in Baltimore on today's honor flight.
Veterans look at a memorial in Washington D.C. Veterans look at a memorial in Washington D.C.
Veterans visiting Arlington National Cemetery. Veterans visiting Arlington National Cemetery.
A veteran and guardians pose for a photo in Washington D.C. A veteran and guardians pose for a photo in Washington D.C.

The 38th Great River Honor Flight returned home Thursday night.  Thirty-one local veterans spent the day in Washington D.C. Thursday for a day they won't forget.

The veterans were flown into Baltimore before traveling to the U.S. capitol by bus to see several memorials and sites.  They returned home to Hannibal- LaGrange University Thursday.

Honor Flight veteran Jack Fountain said the day was one he would not forget.

"I couldn't believe it, we had a full day probably saw nine or 10 memorials and never had any trouble with the traffic," Fountain said.

For more information on Great River Honor Flight go to  WGEM.com/HonorFlight.

Following times are Central:

2:00 am    Check-in for participants of Honor Flight – Hannibal LaGrange University

2:45 am    Guardian Briefing at HLGU 

3:15 am    Bus Loading

3:45 am    Depart Hannibal (buses will leave on time - no exceptions)

5:45 am    Arrive St. Louis Airport (Southwest Terminal)

7:45 am    Southwest Airlines Flight 3656 departs STL
Our clearance through security and the boarding process will be expedited by Southwest Airlines

Following times are Eastern:

10:45 am    Flight arrives at BWI (Baltimore)

11:30 am    Board Bus for trip to Washington 
Lunch and Video of Korea Memorial to be played during trip
12:00 pm    Arrive at Vietnam, Korea and Lincoln Memorials.

Note: Longest stop of day. Due to proximity, this stop will also allow for visits to Vietnam, Korea and Lincoln Memorials. Bus will unload close to Vietnam Memorial.    Bus will load close to Korea Memorial.

GUARDIANS: Reminder that this is not a guided tour. This gives the opportunity for each veteran to decide how best to use their time. Keep total time at this stop in mind at all times so as not to rush.

1:30 pm    Depart Korean/Vietnam Memorial for WWII Memorial.

1:45 pm    Arrive at World War II Memorial (South Entrance)
Group picture to be taken.

2:15 pm    Depart WWII Memorial – Go to Iwo Jima

2:30 pm    Iwo Jima (short stop)

3:00 pm    Depart Iwo Jima – Leave for Arlington National Cemetery

3:15 pm    Arrive at Arlington National Cemetery – Plan is to take our tour bus directly to the amphitheater inside Arlington. We will plan to see the Changing of the Guard at 3:30 pm.  

4:00 pm    Depart Arlington for Air Force Memorial.

4:15 pm    Arrive Air Force Memorial (Dinner at AF Memorial)

5:00 pm    Depart for Reagan National Airport.

5:15 pm    Arrive at Reagan National Airport. 

6:45 pm    Southwest Airlines Flight 2617 departs Reagan National (DC)  

Following times are Central:

7:55 pm    Flight arrives at STL airport/ Board Bus for Hannibal.
10:30 pm    Approximate time of arrival at Hannibal LaGrange University - Upon our departure from St. Louis, we will have a better feel for what time we will be arriving in Hannibal for those picking vets and guardians up.

Veterans Attending:

George Booth

Jack G. Cason

William M. Cason

James C. Devlin

Alan G. Epperson

Jackie D. Fountain

James G. Fountain

Roland G. Friedlein

Thomas C. Givan

Stephen B. Griswold

Ronald W. Hull

Thomas R. Jett

Gary T. Jones, Sr.

Allen K. Kreps

Robert W. Markword, Sr.

Edward E. McClelland

Jerome M. Neyens

George J. Nichols

Jack E. Perry

Jerry A. Porter

Danny D. Reed

Jerry D. Robinson

Roger V. Shoemaker

David W. Stammeyer

Robert E. Stone

Aaron C. Stormer

Robert A. Thorne

Timothy L. Todd

James W. Turnage

George W. Wagner

Wendell A. Wray

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