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Macomb schools tackle alarming literacy rates

Students in a Macomb classroom Thursday. Students in a Macomb classroom Thursday.

The low literacy rates in Macomb have captured the attention of teachers and administrators, and they're working to improve them. 

Reading statistics for the Macomb Public Schools show 35 to 40 percent of students are not reading at their grade level.

But superintendent Patrick Twomey says the Read 100 Plan, which started last year, aims to bring the literacy rates of third graders to 100 percent by the time they reach the fourth grade.

"If a student is not reading on grade level, they cannot possibly step into the next phase of reading to learn because they're still not comprehending at a level that allows them to read to learn," Twomey said. "So they fall further and further behind as they go through the system."

Teachers say they've already seen a big difference in students using the program.

Tara Stockham is a third grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, has already seen results in the short time that the program has been implemented. 

"The best part is them bringing it into my classroom, and applying everything that they learned," Stockham said. 

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