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Lovelace attorneys ask for trial delay, change of venue


The attorneys for a former Adams County prosecutor accused of killing his wife are asking the judge to move his second trial to January.

Curtis Lovelace is currently scheduled for trial beginning Oct. 24. He's accused of killing his wife Cory in 2006, but he wasn't arrested and charged until August of 2014.

Jon Loevy, who is one of Lovelace's attorneys through the Exoneration Project, filed an unopposed motion Thursday to move the trial to January. The motion states issues with several conflicts and more time needed to prepare as the reasons for needing a delay.

The defense also filed a motion Thursday for a change of venue. The motion states, among other reasons, the media attention garnered by the case as to why the trial should be moved.

Lovelace went to trial in January, but it ended in a hung jury. He has since been released from jail on bond and is required to wear a GPS monitor.

A court hearing is scheduled for Sept. 8.

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