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Trump signs defaced across Quincy

Quincy resident shows his vandalized Donald Trump sign. Quincy resident shows his vandalized Donald Trump sign.

People from across the nation are reporting vandalism to Donald Trump political signs. That vandalism made its way to our own backyard.

Trump signs have been defaced all over Quincy. One kicked in, breaking the sign in half; one sprayed painted with an "X" on it crossing off Trump's name; and another stolen from a lawn and found crumbled up in a dumpster.

Susan Arrowsmith couldn't believe it.

"I'm angry and upset," Arrowsmith said. "I'm not scared because I'm too mad to be scared."

Across town, Les Sachs was considering putting up cameras after his signs got hit by vandals - twice. 

I thought about getting a camera out here," Sachs said. "Just a fake one, to scare people off."

With just a few more weeks until the presidential election, Trump supporters are just asking to be able to have their opinions be respected.

"It's intimidation, my first amendment right say that I have the right to voice my opinions," Sachs said. "I didn't go around kicking in Clinton signs."

"This is a very important election and it's not about personality," Arrowsmith added. "Its about issues."

As for the signs, its mixed feelings as to if they will put a new one up. 

"Oh, I would never take it down," Sachs said. "I'm an American citizen and I have freedom of speech."

"I have no more Trump signs. I'm out of trump signs. I bought two," Sachs added.

Quincy police said only two people reported issues with Trump signs. One was stolen and one was vandalized.

If caught, people could be charged with theft, vandalism or criminal damage.

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