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Foster mom: 'You can give that child what they truly need'

Sign at Chaddock, a local adoption agency in Quincy Sign at Chaddock, a local adoption agency in Quincy

Across the United States nearly 400,000 children are needing place to call home according to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. November is National Adoption awareness month.

Right now, 180 children are waiting a permanent home, just through Chaddock services in Quincy. 

Chaddock Case worker Jenna Jenkin says there are several forms of adoption that many aren't aware of. She says a majority of adoptions they deal with are from foster parents filing for adoption after the child in their care has been freed for adoption.

For Emily Shaffer, that's what she went through and said it's hard to be patient through the process.

"The fear of being a foster parent and the child potentially leaving," Shaffer said. "Anytime you look at a child, and they're in your home, you're going to build a bond with them. From day one when we held her, we knew that I never wanted to let her go."

Jenkin said there is a need for more families willing to adopt or become foster parents for children waiting to find a permanent home. Shaffer was able to provide a forever home to her little girl. She said the process is long, but worth it.

"People think it might be a little quicker than what it is, but really after all, I realized why it takes so long is because you need to make sure you're the right fit for the child," Shaffer said. "That you can give that child what they truly need, a loving family and to meet all of their needs."

Shaffer officially adopted her 2 and a half year old daughter in June after waiting for her to be freed for adoption for about two years.

here's how you can start the adoption process in: Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa.

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