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Prosecution: Lovelace poisoned second wife, grabbed her by throat


The prosecution in Curtis Lovelace's murder case is asking that evidence allegedly showing he poisoned his second wife, Erika Gomez, be admitted.

Prosecutors recently filed several motions last week in Adams County Circuit Court. Lovelace is accused of killing his wife Cory in 2006. Her cause of death was ruled undetermined at the time, but the case was reopened after a Quincy police detective looked at the case again.

The prosecution claims in court documents that evidence shows Lovelace was romantically interested in Gomez before his wife died. Documents state Lovelace's neighbor will testify that Gomez's car was in front of Curtis' home "from the summer before" Cory's death "until after her death and they moved to their new house."

In the court documents filed, the prosecution said Gomez claims would go into fits of rage. The documents said Lovelace referred to Gomez as "Cory" during the fits.

The court documents said Lovelace attacked Gomez in July of 2012 and said " Cory, you can't do anything to me." In another instance, the documents said Gomez has to prop a chair under a bedroom doorknob to keep Lovelace out. During the incident, Lovelace allegedly beat on the door and yelled "You shouldn't lock me out Cory." 

Prosecutors also claim in the documents that at a party, an intoxicated Lovelace said to Gomez that he "remember(ed) how it felt, her writhing under him(.)" The prosecution said the "jury could draw a reasonable conclusion that the defendant spoke of the death of the victim, Cory Lovelace, during this incident."

Court documents said the state is also asking to admit evidence that Lovelace poisoned Gomez after he moved out and rekindled a relationship with his current wife.

The documents said after Lovelace moved out of his home with Gomez, she became ill. During her illness, the documents claim she lost 20 pounds mostly because of vomiting and had extreme fatigue, white lines under her fingernails and significant hair loss.

Documents claim Gomez's daughter was also ill during the same period.

The prosecution stated in the court documents that Cory Lovelace and Gomez displayed "very similar" symptoms.

The documents also claim Lovelace grabbed Gomez by the throat during an altercation in May of 2012.

"We did file several motions regarding (Erika) Gomez," Special Prosecutor Ed Parkinson said on the phone. "I'm not going to comment on (the motions)."

Lovelace is scheduled for a second trial starting Jan. 23.

You can read the court documents below:

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