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Reaction to first snowfall of the season

Snow on trees Snow on trees

The first flakes of the season started falling Sunday morning making a winter wonderland. 

"My goodness I'm glad to have the first one," Brian Kurt Bainter said. 

"Today we are definitely enjoying the snow," Ashley Griggs said. 

Snow came down leaving a light white coverage on the ground.

As the December flakes hit the ground there were mixed reactions from people living in the Tri-States. Local photographer Ashley Griggs took the opportunity to have a photo shoot in the snow.

“We are hoping to get some good pictures with the snow falling and accumulating," Griggs said.

While others took the opportunity to bask in the wintry scene and contemplate taking a ride.

“I'm just happy its covering this much of the ground, It don't have to get six feet deep or nothing...I'll tell you what I haven't been down a sled riding hill in a long time,” Brian Kurt Bainter said.

Although happy that the snow finally hit the ground, were people prepared?

"Yes and no," Griggs said. 

"I pretty much am, Bainter said. "I think I might need a new shovel."

One thing for sure is that mother nature has spoken and the snow is here.

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