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Salvation Army - Frankly Test Story Page


The 32nd annual WGEM Bucket Blitz for the Salvation Army continues Wednesday and as of Tuesday night is more than halfway to its $30,000 goal.

So far, thanks to your donations, $16,800 has been raised.

Part of that money raised will go to services like disaster relief, which helps people when everything is taken away from them in a blink of an eye.

Special Events coordinator Jeremy Koren said Salvation Army sends what they call canteens to disasters like last year's windstorm and flooding in Taylor, Missouri. He says it provides the essentials to those when they least expected to need a helping hand.

"These are people, sometimes, that have lost everything," Koren said. "People who have been without electricity for days, and they're very grateful to see the Salvation Army canteen pull up to help them out, get them water, a hot meal."

Koren said they are often called out to fires in the community.

"If you need help after a fire and you loose everything, you can go to the salvation army, whether that's here in a week or sometime next July," Koren said. We can get you clothes, food, help you recover from the disaster you just dealt with."

New this year are dip jars that allow for credit or debit donations, for those of you who may not have change with them. It's just a simple swipe, and it's a safe and secure way to give.

You can stop by the Quincy Mall until Thursday to donate.

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