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Highland High science teacher wins WGEM Golden Apple award


A science teacher at Highland High School in Ewing is this month's WGEM Golden Apple award winner.

To Mrs. Amy Winters, teaching is much more than a day job.

"I kind of was the bad kid in class," said Trevor Logsdon.

He and another 8th grade student, C.J. Bell say last year they were struggling, not only in Mrs. Winters' science class but in math, social studies, science and other subjects.

Until ... Mrs. Winters took on the task of staying after school to tutor the boys, even helping them with subjects she didn't teach.

"Our grades improved a lot," said CJ Bell. "Our grades went from Ds to As. I actually have all As right now. Yeah. All As."

With new confidence in the classroom and the grades to show for it, the boys decided to thank Mrs. Winters by nominating her for the WGEM Golden Apple award.

Winters says seeing her students succeed is worth every extra hour she spends in the classroom.

"Watching them be successful, when they came in with their first As, and the fact them realizing it was possible for them to do it and they continue to do it and the goals they're setting for high school are beyond anything I could have imagined," Winters said. "Them being happy and succesful. It just carries itself on."

If you want to nominate your teacher for a Golden Apple award, go to the Golden Apple page on WGEM.com and answer the questionaire.

An award is presented every month during the school year.

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