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Serious calls for poison-related cases increase

Warnings on Cleaning Solutions Warnings on Cleaning Solutions

New numbers show the number of calls to poison control centers in the U.S. are dropping, but they're getting more calls for serious cases, half of those calls involve young children.

Physicians at Blessing Hospital say they're seeing a rise in the number of poisonings. According to the Illinois Poison Center, last year in Adams County there were 583 poison-related incidents. Statistics show that more than half of all poison control center calls in the U.S. involve kids under the age of six. Physicians say many incidents involve children accidentally getting into cleaning supplies. They say the first thing you should do if it happens to you is to call for help.

"Make the call right away usually its the amount of time that things are exposed to the poison itself that cause the irritants and damaging effects,” Physician Assistant, Parajshah Shah said. “ If you are able to wash it off or you know what you are suppose to do, or poison control will tell you what to do, that would help the most."

He also says the best way to keep your children away from accidentally poisoning themselves is to label bottles and put them in cabinets where they will not be able to reach them.

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