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Denman Linen Services plans to expand, add jobs


At Denman Linen Service, workers do laundry for businesses like hotels and hospitals.

Now, they'll be taking on a new client, Peoria-based OSF HealthCare, leading to dozens of new jobs.

"It's gonna mean 30 new employment opportunities for people. That'll be both in processing, distribution and trucking," said CEO Richard Kempe.

He says 80% of these jobs will be local. 

Employees like Brian Tallman say the new client benefits a number of parties.

"It's, of course, going to be more jobs to us, which is great for our community, great for the company, and of course Denman Linen, it's going to affect a lot of people here positively," said Tallman.

"This machine right behind me is part of the reason why Denman will be adding jobs. This factory will begin treating 21 million pounds of laundry compared to the 12.5 million they were treating before."

"It's improved our productivity, our safety, and it's also lowered our utility cost and made us a much more efficient plant."

However, while both Mark Hagerbaumer and Kempe are pleased with the technology, Kempe has even more pride for his staff.

"The only way we get these news additional accounts is because the quality of the work and the service that they provide," said Kempe.

 Denman Linen Services is a part of the Blessing Health System.

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