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Great River Honor Flight Donations 2017


We're proud of all of the people and businesses that have financially supported the Great River Honor Flight Network in 2017. We'd like to share the names of those people and businesses below!

Donor List
Memorial Donations in Loving Memory of:
Dean Westerman - HF #35 - April 21, 2016
William Doris
Clarence Forschey - HF #20 - August 29, 2013
Bill Cason - HF #38 - August 25, 2016
Harold & Esther Barkley
Ambrose Meyer
Jean Dieterle
Floyd Pray, Jr. - HF #23 - April 10, 2014
Jean Depoy
George Ellsworth - HF #19 - June 20, 2013
Patricia Bunch
Lester Peters
Lt. Com. Terry Myron
Lynette Alberchinski
Ronald Grant
Evelyn Schutte
Jerry Knapp - HF #37 - June 18, 2016
William Cason - HF #38 - August 25, 2016
Mike Lummis
Rameau Eugene Clayton - HF #28 - October 23, 2014 
John Hopping -  HF #27 - September 25, 2014
Walter "Fred" Ehret - HF #29 - April 15, 2015
Richard A. Deters - HF#10 - October 29, 2011
James Turke
Carlene Bliven
David Harrison
Thomas Smith  - Conneaut, Ohio
Darrell Guthrie
Gary Seals - HF #8 - September 14, 2011
Randy Rigg
Harold Brassfield
Tom Hardy
James Newell
John "Acey" Porter
Donald J. Heckenkamp - HF #1 - April 13, 2010
Ken Stevens - HF #6 - May 17, 2011
Charlie Briddle
Wilmer Holzgrafe
August W. Smith , Jr. - WW II - Navy
Ralph D. Smith - WW II - Navy
Earl E. Smith, Sr. - WW II - Army
James L. Smith, Sr. - WW II - Navy
Billy L. Smith - WW II - Navy
Paul C. Guthrie - Korea - Navy
Glen A. Bailey, Jr. - Army
Marvin Epker
Chester Boden - HF #17 - April 11, 2013
Roy Platt
Max Hopper
Melvin Kuhlman
Oscar Eggeson, Jr.
Phyllis Huber
Almeda Eicken
Donald Cantrell - HF #41 - April 6, 2017
Rebecca Dawn Schneider
Robert Schlepphorst - HF #7 - June 23, 2011
Art Kunkel
Robert Blyth - HF #12 - May 22, 2012
Name  City, State 
$10,001 and Up
$5,001 to $10,000
Craig Industries, Inc.  Quincy, Illinois
$1,001 to $5,000
First Bankers Trust Company Quincy, Illinois
Farmers National Bank of Griggsville Griggsville, Illinois 
Black Hawk Elementary School Kahoka, Missouri
Lion's Club County Fair Food Stand  Coatsburg, Illinois
Mendon Lions Club - Hunter's Classic Mendon, Illinois
Six String Heroes at Jefferson Barracks O'Fallon, Missouri
Sophia Marcolla/Keiley Meyer/Sydney Doellman Quincy, Illinois
Mendon Lions Club  Mendon, Illinois
Mark Twain Elementary School Hannibal, Missouri
Clark County Middle School - National Jr. Honor Society Kahoka, Missouri
$501 to $1,000
Central CUSD #3 - Student Activity Camp Point, Illinois
Jack Metternich Estate Niota, Illinois
Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits Quincy, Illinois
Town and Country Butcher Shop, Inc. - Freedom Fest Palmyra, Missouri
Ronald W Powell Men's Auxiliary Hannibal, Missouri
Quincy Adams County Chapter #32 - Disabled American Veterans Quincy, Illinois
Mitchell and Sandra Welsh Blandinsville, Illinois
Clay LaCount  Canton, Missouri
$101 to $500
Roger and Victoria Huntley Quincy, Illinois
Redd Appraisal Service Inc. Maywood, Missouri
Quincy Coach House Quincy, Illinois
Sarah Dorris Palmyra, Missouri
Bruce and Tammy Marshall Liberty, Illinois
Glen and Rebecca Phillips Pittsfield, Illinois
Chaddock School Quincy, Illinois
The Barkley family Quincy, Illinois
Maurice and  Jane Flint Petersburg, Illinois
Trinity Lutheran Church Carthage, Illinois
Gary D. Sharpe Chesterfield, Missouri
Northeast Missouri Antique Car Club Kirksville, Missouri
Centerettes Club  Perry, Missouri
Robert and Susan Mitchell New London, Missouri
Madison Park Christian Church Quincy, Illinois
VFW Pierce McDonald Post 1422  Bushnell, Illinois
QU Comedy Night - Richard Elsenpeter Quincy, Illinois
Cash - in Memory of Ronald Grant Quincy, Illinois
The Mt. Sterling First United Methodist Church Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Richard and Geraldynn Deters and Family Quincy, Illinois
Gerald and Lavena Long Bowling Green, Missouri
Carthage Veterinary Service/Professonial Swine Management Carthage, Illinois
George and Vickie Gilbert Wayland, Missouri
Fletcher-Reinhardt Company Bridgeton, Missouri
Country Financial - Shahna Magee/Casey Casey/Crystal Peavler Quincy, Illinois
Emmett Schrader Warsaw, Illinois
Matt Volk Family DeKalb, Illinois
Jeffrey and Teresa Clauss Quincy, Illinois
Adams Electric Cooperative  Camp Point, Illinois
Breakfast Friends of Don Heckenkamp Quincy, Illinois
Women's Fellowship - Bethlehem United Church of Christ Warsaw, Illinois  
Ronald Vecchie Quincy, Illinois
Inez Bailey and Shirley Bowen  Quincy, Illinois
John and Gae Kelly Ft. Collins, Colorado
Independent Order of Odd Fellows #145 Macomb, Illinois
Carthage Builder's Club  Carthage, Illinois
Don Hastings Quincy, Illinois
Jere and Mary Taylor Canton, Missouri
Nauvoo Memorial Day Celebration Nauvoo, Illinois
Hannibal Bridge Marathon Club Hannibal, Missouri
Blessing Hospital Java Staff  Quincy, Illinois
St. Peter School - Spirit Day Quincy, Illinois
$1 to $100
Quincy Coach House Employees Quincy, Illinois
William and Judy Reinold & family Springfield, Missouri
First Bankers Trust Company Quincy, Illinois
Linda Reichert and Monty Vahlkamp Liberty, Illinois
Teresa and Gerry Pickle Quincy, Illinois
Mike and Gretchen McGee Quincy, Illinois
McClean Family Quincy, Illinois
Mary Keller/Dave Hogge/Skip Goughnour families Augusta, Illinois
Patrick and Linda Haugh Quincy, Illinois
First Bankers Trust Company - Loan Dept - 12th Street Quincy, Illinois
Baucom Truck Service, Inc. Camp Point, Illinois
Dwayne and Jane Fischer Quincy, Illinois
Rondell and Kim Lane Quincy, Illinois
Michael and Vicki Epperson Payson, Illinois
Sean and Carla O'Neil Liberty, Illinois
Aaron and Shawn Craig Shures Springfield, Illinois
William Oberling Payson, Illinois
Mike and Debbie Maas Liberty, Illinois
Terry and Carolyn Lantz Quincy, Illinois
Scott and Christy Foster Macomb, Illinois
Steve and Maria Eckert Quincy, Illinois
Kimberly Craig Springfield, Illinois
Jim and Debbie Codd Quincy, Illinois
Warren and Ann Abbot Colchester, Illinois
John Maglioacchetti Quincy, Illinois
Terry and Patricia Tournear Maywood, Missouri
Peggy and Arlo Junk Quincy, Illinois
Marjorie Moore Golden, Illinois  
Vic and Tina Wingerter Quincy, Illinois
Jack and Virginia Hogge Quincy, Illinois
Denny and Elaine Brunen Quincy, Illinois
Phyllis Daniels Glenwood, Missouri
Louise Seaver Quincy, Illinois
Jim and Charlotte Meyer Fowler, Illinois
Alpha Chapter No. 109, O.E.S. Quincy, Illinois
Michael and Barbara Klingner Quincy, Illinois
Daniel Frese Fowler, Illinois
Fred and Sheree Lansing Beverly Hills, Florida
Michael and Nancy Bernhardt Quincy, Illinois
Raymond and Judith Gianfriddo Quincy, Illinois
Illini Community Hospital Pittsfield, Illinois
Glenn Hogge Quincy, Illinois
Karen McFarland Quincy, Illinois
Roger and Marianne Peters Quincy, Illinois
Kurt and Amy Vonderhaar Quincy, Illinois
Carol Lichtsinn Columbus, Illinois
Michael and Mary Bryson Quincy, Illinois
Bill Mummey Sr. Quincy, Illinois
Daniel and Janet Nutt Quincy, Illinois
Gerald and Mary Jane White Colchester, Illinois
Dean and Nila Hemming Ursa, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baker Quincy, Illinois
VFW Norfolk-Smith Memorial Post 11041 Palmyra, Missouri
W.E. and Sarah Dorris Canton, Missouri
Lisa Crocker Quincy, Illinois
Arthur and Beatrice Hermsmeier, Jr. Quincy, Illinois
Karen and Donald Campbell Quincy, Illinois
Kathleen Postle Quincy, Illinois
Charles and Carolyn Briddle Quincy, Illinois
Diane Putnam Hillsboro, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Lelsie and Martha Beeler Warsaw, Illinois
Genesis Systems Group, LLC Davenport, Iowa  
Family of Cindy Angel Mendon, Illinois
Harold and Peggy Wiesemann LaGrange, Missouri
Jody and Heather Simmons Rector, Arizona
Randall and Janet Klocke Ewing, Missouri
John Shumate Ewing, Missouri
Loretta Harmon Paducah, Kentucky
Joyce and Gerry Rathbun Maywood, Missouri
Timothy and Kristine Brown Canton, Missouri
Karla and Francis Richmond Lewistown, Missouri
William and Bonnie Johnson Coatsburg, Illinois
Michael and Katherine Wiemelt Quincy, Illinois
Phyllis Schaffer Palmyra, Missouri
Richard and Tamara Selsor Quincy, Illinois
LK and Phyllis Hoebing Taylor, Missouri
Jeremy and Stacy Florea Durham, Missouri
Linda Jackson Clayton, Illinois
Deborah Franke Ewing, Missouri
Glen and Rebecca Phillips Pittsfield, Illinois
VFW Quincy Post 5129 Quincy, Illinois
P. J. Bringaze Quincy, Illinois
Erin Lindsay Clayton Quincy, Illinois
Dennis and Christine Grimm Quincy, Illinois
Mark and Martha Huelsmeyer Quincy, Illinois
Jeff and Jake Stroot Quincy, Illinois
Bobbe Harshman Quincy, Illinois
Carol Sue Dettmar Quincy, Illinois
Trisha and Christopher Mathews Quincy, Illinois
William and Karen Young Quincy, Illinois
Gilbert and Charlotte McGlaughlin Quincy, Illinois
Kevin Phillips Quincy, Illinois
Shirley Scheiner Quincy, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Kelly Sommers Roswell, Georgia
Iowa Farmer Today Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hamilton Girl Scout Troop 5144 Hamilton, Illinois
Marvin and Dorothy Smallwood New London, Missouri
Thomas and Alvina Dotson and Family New London, Missouri
Kent and Marcia Bross Palmyra, Missouri
Connie and Ron Blue Palmyra, Missouri
John and Joy Briscoe New London, Missouri
Jeneen and Ronnie Ham Chambersburg, Illinois
Robert and Rosemary Taylor Canton, Missouri
Claude Collins LaHarpe, Illinois
Your Cause - AT&T Corporate Giving Program Carrollton, Texas
David and Jacquelyn Stammeyer Quincy, Illinois
Francis and Lois Mundle New London, Missouri
William and Marlene Buchholz Macomb, Illinois
Victoria Nieders Quincy, Illinois
First Christian Church - Disciples of Women's Ministry Hannibal, Missouri
Paloma Unit HCE  Camp Point, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
First Baptist Church of Ewing Ewing, Missouri
Jason and Karen Boyd Quincy, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schaffnit Plainville, illinois
Janet and James Meyers Curryville, Missouri 
John Roberts Kahoka, Missouri
Wayne Marple Keokuk, Iowa
Robert and Cathy Dye Keokuk, Iowa
Pilot Grove Savings Bank Pilot Grove, Iowa
James Walter Keokuk, Iowa
Allison and Jeffrey Mullin Keokuk, Iowa
Randi Waterman Kahoka, Missouri
Dwight Lavine Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
John and Nancy Symmonds Keokuk, Iowa
Teresa and Louis Clark Keokuk, Iowa
Elsie Boyer Warsaw, Illinois
Dale and Mary Mulch Hamilton, Illinois
Timothy and Janet Smith Maywood, Missouri
William and Mary Lee Theissen Davenport, Iowa  
Deborah Madoni McHenry, Illinois
Michael and Beverly Bliven Keokuk, Iowa
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Roan Quincy, Illinois
Rosermary and Sergio Pecori Springfield, Illinois
Jeanne Burau/Dee Malm/Trisha Drake/Connie Moon Dekalb, Illinois
Lwayne and Donne Week Quincy, Illinois
Dan and Patricia Cortelyou and John Adair Bushnell, Illinois
Mike and Karen Lavery Quincy, Illinois
Raymond and Teresa Vahlkamp Quincy, Illinois
Phil and Joy Shults Quincy, Illinois
Jeff and Theresa Spear, Will Spear, Brian Durante Quincy, Illinois
John and Nichole Heyen Springfield, Illinois
Kristin and Kevin Donlan Bellevue, Nebraska
Richard Crane Palmyra, Missouri
Family of Nancy McClean Quincy, Illinois
Mary Keipley Quincy, Illinois
Christine and Bruce Schmidt/Bob and Caroly von Holt Liberty, Illinois
Kent and Angela Lepper Quincy, Illinois
Dan Barry Quincy, Illinois
Krista and Robert Snyder Quincy, Illinois
Dick and Pat Wentura Quincy, Illinois
Roger and Dawn Kroner Quincy, Illinois
Timothy and Julianne Entrup Quincy, Illinois
David and Brenda Willard Quincy, Illinois
Barbara Bockhaus Quincy, Illinois
Dick Cook Quincy, Illinois
Jeanette Holbert Quincy, Illinois
Jan Koester Quincy, Illinois
Leon and Mary Welsh Liberty, Illinois
Amy Smith Quincy, Illinois
Al and Gayle Schlosser Quincy, Illinois
Dennis and Marcia Steinkamp Quincy, Illinois
Bernie and Mary Pat Vahlkamp Quincy, Illinois
Donald and Dawn Briddle Quincy, Illinois
Dale and Brenda Hess Quincy, Illinois
Don Harms Ursa, Illinois
Thomas and Judith Tribbett Quincy, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Everett Jackson Quincy, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Nieders Quincy, Illinois
Jim and Marsha Vandament Quincy, Illinois
John and Kelly Potts Quincy, Illinois
Rodney Keck Quincy, Illinois
Albert and Joyce Joan Quincy, Illinois
Michael and Mary Pat Ament Dubuque, Iowa
David and Robin Stuva Auburn, Illinois
Doug and Pam Aeilts Hannibal, Missouri
Ed and Judy Covey Camp Point, Illinois
Richard and Linda Meyer Perry, Illinois
Larry and Ellen Coulter Cape Coral, Florida
Ron and Rebecca Paulsen Macomb, Illinois
Paul and Patty Henken Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Ron and Diane Wade Keokuk, Iowa
Bruce and Debbie Hedden Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Karl and Barb Groesch Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Shawn and Tracy Conley Golden, Illinois  
Ryan and Laura Meyer Liberty, Illinois
Steven and Kethleen Eveland Excello, Missouri 
Karl and Barb Groesch Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Matt Hill Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Randy and Debra Dewitt Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Kristina Irhig Camp Point, Illinois
Kindel Kestner Camp Point, Illinois
Doug and Debbie Hammer Timewell, Illinois
Kevin and Lisa Bloomfield Colchester, Illinois
Mike and Angie Dyche Rushville, Illinois
Kenneth and Janis Wenger Rushville, Illinois
Ronald and Rose Ann Huber Quincy, Illinois
Mike and Cheryl Yingling Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Diane Lagoski Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Chad Kunkel Family Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Alan and Rhonda Koch Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Ernie and Debbie Buxton Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Joe and Charlene Clifford Versailles, Illinois
Kent and Betty Lueders Camp Point, Illinois
James and Barbara Kerr Rushville, Illinois
Gary and Cindy Wilkerson Versailles, Illinois
Steve and Valerie Peterson West Point, Illinois
Aubrey and Dorothy Bucher Camp Point, Illinois
Philip and Lori Crary Rushville, Illinois
Sandra Logsdon Littleton, Illinois
Norman and Nancy Boone Barry, Illinois
Donny and Barb McHone Plymouth, Illinois
Tana Parsano Golden, Illinois  
Herbert and Theresa Eidson Clayton, Illinois
Rick and Robin Moorman Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Jon and Rachel Boylen Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Bob and Carolyn Kassing Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Lori McKee Versailles, Illinois
Loren and Ann Wiese Versailles, Illinois
David and Robin Northup Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Everett and Sharon Welty Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Inez McNeff Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Bill and Kim Parker Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Karen Winner Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Judy Logsdon Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Chic and Jay Carter Macomb, Illinois
Terry and Tammy Behymer Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Gene and Jean Zackey Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Charlie and Denise Rossiter Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Linda King Rushville, Illinois
Doug Underwood Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Patrick and Vicki Boylen Camp Point, Illinois
Pam Volk Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Bob and Teresa Frazier Pittsfield, Illinois
Kevin and Cindy Shelts Camden, Illinois
Dan and Mary Lynn Tucker Fowler, Illinois
Eldon and Gayle Woodman Golden, Illinois  
Dan and Marilyn Seckman Versailles, Illinois
Len and Leslie Wiese Versailles, Illinois
Larry and Barbara Long Camp Point, Illinois
Rick and Cindy Kunkel Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Robert, Janie, Eli, Heather Blakely Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Ben and Emily Lerch Mt. Sterling, Illinois
John and Patti Scranton Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Dennis and Kathy Houston Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Gary and Barb Welty Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Tim and Mary Howell Chambersburg, Illinois
John and Vicki Eilers Augusta, Illinois
Susan Ray Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Sue Ray Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Bob and Brenda Wilson Camp Point, Illinois
Paul and Bonnie Kandall Clayton, Illinois
Dave and Linda Newell Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Ed and Peggy Perry Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Sharon Giles Paloma, Illinois
Matthew and Julie Vlahovich Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Steve and Lisa Surratt Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Jim and Anne Manes Springfield, Illinois
Dan and Marilyn Seckman Versailles, Illinois
Ross and Jan Kelly Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Diane and Ed Wagner Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Cheryl Hodge Versailles, Illinois
Harold and Sandra Bullard Rushville, Illinois
Marion and Jane Martin Versailles, Illinois
Josephine Burkey Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Tom and Nancy Schneider Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Bob and Ag Patterson Springfield, Illinois
L.R. and G.L. Forsythe Camp Point, Illinois
Mary and Mike Bullard Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Lisa Parkinson Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Glenn Versailles, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. James Cox Versailles, Illinois
Marilyn and Gerald Tomlinson Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Lisa Norris Camp Point, Illinois
Tim and Angela Salrin Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Bonnie Kendall Clayton, Illinois
Daniel and Paul Wise Macomb, Illinois
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Blessing Hospital Quincy, Illinois
Dick and Pat Wentura Quincy, Illinois
Blessing Hospital - Care Management Department Quincy, Illinois
Amanda and Thomas Lewis Baylis, Illinois
Heather Singleton / Matt and Mandy Baugher / Holly Baugher
Morgan and David Doty / Michael Baugher Fulton, Missouri
Laura and Tim Tynan St. Louis, Missouri
David and Jacquelin Stammeyer Quincy, Illinois
Jim Mentesti Quincy, Illinois
Claude Collins La Harpe, Illinois
Rich, Beth and Kelsey Deters Quincy, Illinois
Janet Landwehr Quincy, Illinois
Eugene and Wanda Hutter Quincy, Illinois
Loretta Feldkamp Maywood, Missouri
Bob Ruff Quincy, Illinois
Pam and Mike Rein Quincy, Illinois
Robert and Mary Ann Pribble Quincy, Illinois
Keith, Angie, Stephanie and Erin Norris Quincy, Illinois
Paul Holtschlag Quincy, Illinois
William and Kim Cox Quincy, Illinois
Phillip and Bonnie Conover Mendon, Illinois
Paul and Patty Henken Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Switch St. Louis, Missouri
Kent and Sheila Morgan Quincy, Illinois
Sandy and Don Heck Quincy, Illinois
Cindy and Mike Ehrhardt and Doris Buss Quincy, Illinois
Timothy Siemer and Teresa Humes Quincy, Illinois
Brian and Marsha Hill Pleasant Hill, Illinois
Steve and Jill Turnbaugh Quincy, Illinois
Ronald and Jennifer Tollcott Quincy, Illinois
Rosalie Parson Quincy, Illinois
William and Priscilla Morrison Quincy, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ludwig Quincy, Illinois
Wilmer and Sylvia Holzgrafe Quincy, Illinois
Angela Wellman Quincy, Illinois
Mary Reckers Quincy, Illinois
Rich and Sue Roberts Fowler, Illinois
Delores Ringenberg Quincy, Illinois
Bill and Gloria Ludwig Quincy, Illinois
John and Sharon Kendall Quincy, Illinois
Ruth and Dawn Jobe Quincy, Illinois
Shame Bartley Quincy, Illinois
ATT Corporate Employee Giving Program Carrollton, Texas
Janet Ward Quincy, Illinois
Dale O'Hara Quincy, Illinois
Norma McAllister Quincy, Illinois
Harriet Adams Quincy, Illinois
Shirlene Leighty Quincy, Illinois
Angela Lashbrook Mineral Wells, Texas
Linda Ozley Lakewood Ranch, Florida
L.S.S.D. Inc. Pittsfield, Illinois
Greenmount Cemetery Association Quincy, Illinois
Brian and Gwen Happel Quincy, Illinois
Richard and Lori Whicker Quincy, Illinois
Laura and Merlin Eisenberg Quincy, Illinois
Jim Waack Payson, Illinois
Earl Mast Payson, Illinois
Robert and Rose Bunte and Family Payson, Illinois
Mary Ellen Craig, Peggy Perry and Families Perry, Illinois
Brian and Linda Alexander Quincy, Illinois
Quincy Public Library Staff Fund Quincy, Illinois
Judy Chapman Plainville, Illinois
Joe and Carol Peters Hull, Illinois
Larry G. Harris Carthage, Illinois
Patrick and Judith Goodwin Quincy, Illinois
Bradley Grant Quincy, Illinois
Lynn and Alan Kerkemeyer Maryville, Illinois
Craig and Renee Lyn Pool Concord, Illinois
Michael and Linda Hummel Payson, Illinois
Mark and Mary Ann Morrison and Family Plainville, illinois
Willis and Laura Seiverling Payson, Illinois
Dick Henderson Plainville, illinois
Kenneth and Susan Steffen Plainville, illinois
Gary and Marcy McBride Rochester, Illinois
Bob and Diane Breckenkamp Quincy, Illinois
Ed and Erma Riley Hannibal, Missouri
Bill and Carol Genk Quincy, Illinois
Steve and Kay Ginther Quincy, Illinois
Justin and Angie Crow Quincy, Illinois
Dale and Dotty Heinecke Madison, Wisconsin
Bruce and Mary Cannell Quincy, Illinois
David and Cecilia Dix Quincy, Illinois
Tom and Nancy Friye Quincy, Illinois
Phyllis Unglaub Quincy, Illinois
Tim Schieferdecker Quincy, Illinois
Cassandra Oenning Ursa, Illinois
Nancy Ogle
Gregory and Jane Arp-Huber Payson, Illinois
Brett and Alli Kleitz Bridgeton, Missouri
Mark Danner and Bev Watson Franklin, Illinois
Jerry and Audrie Britt Payson, Illinois
Bernice Colgrove Quincy, Illinois
Bill and Sherry Beckman Plainville, illinois
Margie Mast Payson, Illinois
William and Debra Cramsey Quincy, Illinois
Janet Waack-Anderson and Family Quincy, Illinois
J.C. and Pat Redman Payson, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Duesdieker Fowler, Illinois
Wayne and Marg Griep Quincy, Illinois
Larry and Susan May Payson, Illinois
Joan Ewing Lewistown, Illinois
Harold Miller and Sons Smithfield, Illinois
Patricia Drake Peoria, Illinois
DOT Foods - IT Department Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Daniel and Anita Heberlein Liberty, Illinois
Robert and Conni Blessing La Grange, Missouri
Christopher and Elizabeth Cullen Rochester, Illinois
D.D. Ruebush Macomb, Illinois
McDonough Telephone Cooperative Colchester, Illinois
Gene and Joanne Curtis Macomb, Illinois
Randy and Mary Killip Blandinsville, Illinois
Clarence and Kathleen Waldinger Sciota, Illinois
Neil and Meg Welsh Good Hope, Illinois
Ronald and Beverly Platt New London, Iowa
Randy and Patty Meyers Mexico, Missouri
VFW Post #5410  Camp Point, Illinois
Larry and Lynn Sparks Payson, Illinois
Georgann Oppie and Carla Slough Quincy, Illinois
Denise Bowen Bridgeton, Missouri
Charlene Winking Good Hope, Illinois
Roger Barclay Macomb, Illinois
Greg Epker Mendon, Illinois
Brown Co. ESP Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Frances Keppner Lewistown, Missouri
Eula Mainland Circle of Kings Daughters Hannibal, Missouri
Elaine and Todd Sasala Huron, Ohio
Mary Hall Mill Creek, Oklahoma
Steve and Joanne Obert Palmyra, Missouri
Prestige Realty, Inc. Hannibal, Missouri
Michael and Janet Healy Fulton, Missouri
Carl and Lisa Ball Hannibal, Missouri
Shelley Hibdon, Anne Ellsworth, & Robin Biske St. Louis, Missouri
Wayne and Willa Wheeler Quincy, Illinois
Kristy Trevathan Hannibal, Missouri
William Banks Colorado Springs, CO.
Charlotte Stroot Quincy, Illinois
Sandra and Ross Loos Quincy, Illinois
Sandra and Ross Loos Quincy, Illinois
Dan and Lori Kamphaus Fowler, Illinois
David and Lisa Lee Hannibal, Missouri
Elnora Bertoglio Fulton, Missouri
Marjorie Stevens Peoria, Illinois
Margaret Locke Hannibal, Missouri
L J Kairy LLC Hannibal, Missouri
Penny Lock Quincy, Illinois
Corporate Employee Giving Program - ATT Carrolton, Texas
Dennis Noble Tracy, California
C.J.  And D.H. Long Germantown Hills, Illinois
Scott and Julie Simons Quincy, Illinois
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