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Meteorologist Brian Inman signs off after 15 years


Meteorologist Brian Inman signed off Friday night for the final time after 15 years with WGEM News.

Inman said the following during his final broadcast:

This is my last day at WGEM.

I've taken a new job here in town. I'm the new Marketing Director at St. Vincent's Retirement Community. It's just an all-around better fit for my family right now. 

My family and I have been contemplating this decision since September. 

I've had a great time over the past 15 years here at WGEM. I wish I had time to thank all the people who have made things so enjoyable.

I thank the Oakleys and the management here at WGEM for your confidence in me. I thank Les Sachs for hiring me. And, I thank my family for putting up with my schedule and all that goes with being on TV. 

But, most of all, I would like to thank YOU, the viewers, for allowing me into your homes.

Meteorologist Mike Cole is very dedicated to weather and our community. He takes his job seriously. And, I'm very excited that he'll be taking over for me, starting on Monday.

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