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Lovelace attorneys claim evidence knowingly withheld by prosecution


Court documents filed Wednesday by the Curtis Lovelace defense team states the prosecution knowingly didn't include evidence required by the Court.

A second murder trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 27. Lovelace is accused of murdering his first wife Cory in 2006. He was arrested and charged in connection with her death in August of 2006. His first murder trial resulted in a hung jury.

Attorneys from The Exoneration Project representing Curtis Lovelace filed a "motion to compel production of exculpatory evidence previously requested in discovery."

In the documents, Lovelace's attorneys ask the Court to order the prosecution to provide certain evidence held by the State Appellate Prosecutor, the Quincy Police Department, Quincy Police Detective Adam Gibson and Adams County Coroner James Keller. It states the documents in question should have been provided "long before now".

The documents state the request was prompted by an investigation by the defense and responses to Freedom of Information Act requests made by a third party, specifically Washington, D.C. attorney Evan Parke. It states the FOIA responses include some important documents never seen by the defense.


According to the documents, Parke provided the FOIA responses to the defense.

The court records state the documents include emails between Gibson and key witnesses including Dr. Scott Denton and Lovelace's second wife, Erika Gomez. It states the emails also concern pathology and "the state's efforts to review other cases of Dr. [Jessica] Bowman."

Bowman is a pathologist who performed the original autopsy on Cory Lovelace.

"To take one example, the undisclosed documents include emails from Dr. Denton to Gibson explaining that the State was not going to be able to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt unless they succeeded in persuading the doctor who performed the autopsy to change her opinion (which she refused to do, despite Gibson's efforts)," the documents state.

The documents go on to state that the evidence in question suggest there are other similar documents the defense hasn't received yet.

"The defense's concerns were confirmed on Thursday (February 9) when the agreed deadline passed for both sides to exchange witness lists and documents, and discovery which the defense knows exists that is exculpatory and/or responsive was not produced," the documents state.

You can see more examples and details of the FOIA requests in the motion below:

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