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Fire destroys McDonough County mobile home


A mobile home was destroyed by fire Thursday morning in rural McDonough County, according to fire officials.

59-year-old Carla Howe and her 36-year-old son, Matt, lived in the house for about 4 years, now all that's left, burnt books and clothing.

Molly Wade and her family comb through what remains of her mother's house.

"They go out with only got out with the clothes on their back and her purse," Wade said. "Either than that, everything else is gone, pictures, toys for all the grandkids, everything."

Both the Emmet-Chalmers Fire district and Macomb Fire Department were called to the fully engulfed home at 3 a.m. Thursday.

"They came down to my house and sat an waited for the Red Cross," neighbor Lonnie Miller said. "Yeah, they're pretty devastated, they lost everything."

No people were injured in the fire. But, their dog, chaka, was killed.

"That's where we're most upset about the dog than the things that are replaceable," Wade said.

Devastation that this family is all too familiar with in the last week.

"Last week at the same time she lost her sister and she's been very sad about that, then to loose her whole house, her whole life, it's just really sad," Wade said.

Now, Wade hopes to pick up what's left and try to move on.

"I'm going to be here to help my mom just get through everything because mentally she's really distraught and we're going to try to save anything possible," Wade added.

The American Red Cross stated in a press release that they were on scene and are currently assisting two adults to find a place to stay along with food, clothing, and emotional support.

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