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'It's unfair': Late filings upset Lovelace prosecutor

Special Prosecutor Ed Parkinson. (File photo) Special Prosecutor Ed Parkinson. (File photo)
Curtis Lovelace and his wife, Christine. (File Photo) Curtis Lovelace and his wife, Christine. (File Photo)

The lead prosecutor in the Curtis Lovelace murder trial said Thursday he was upset with defense attorneys for submitting thousands of pages of documents just days before the start of the Quincy man's retrial.

Lovelace is charged with murder in connection with the death of his first wife, Cory. He is scheduled for his second trial beginning Feb. 27. His first trial ended in a hung jury more than a year ago.

Special Prosecutor Ed Parkinson said he received the motion filed Wednesday by the defense asking that more evidence be released. He said the defense also submitted 3,600 pages of documents his team must review.

"I'm a bit upset we get this laid on us days before the trial when we're trying to prepare," Parkinson said over the phone. "I think it's unfair."

Parkinson didn't clarify what was in the 3,600 pages of documents.

"I'm trying to review them now," Parkinson said. "It's late to be filling this much paperwork."

When asked about the motion to disclose evidence filed by the defense Wednesday, Parkinson said he wasn't sure what the attorneys were asking for since it appeared they had the documents they were referring to.


The motion states there's more evidence held by the prosecution, despite the court requiring they turn all discovery over to the defense.

"I don't know what they're claiming," Parkinson said.

Parkinson said a pre-trial conference is scheduled for Friday by phone. 

"We'll see what happens (Friday)," Parkinson said when asked if he believes the trial will get moved back again.

WGEM News reached out to Lovelace's attorneys, but phone calls and emails were not returned.

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