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City of Macomb negotiating contract for Spring Lake Park

Spring Lake Park entrance Spring Lake Park entrance

The city of Macomb and Spring Lake Park are trying to come together on a contract extension with the city.

Spring Lake is under contract with the city for cost sharing in upgrades for the park. The city is also trying to make the most of the revenue it gets from Spring Lake to go towards the general fund.

Last year, Mayor Mike Inman says they received $27,000 from the park. Most of that went back into the park for improvements but that could change with the new contract.

"Well, in this ever tightening budget situation we're looking at, don't know if we can make that absolute commitment to put it directly back into improvements at Spring Lake, maybe there are other areas in the general fund that could use that support," Inman said.

The proposed contract is a five-year extension and Mayor Inman hopes an agreement can happen sooner rather than later, but the current contract isn't up until the end of this calendar year. 

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