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Local police warn car thefts are on the rise

Car thefts on the rise Car thefts on the rise
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With local car thefts on the rise, local police warn against leaving your keys in your vehicle.

Palmyra Police Chief Eddie Bogue said leaving your keys inside your car is an open invitation to criminals.  He said people get too comfortable and don't think their car can be stolen, but car thieves look for easy targets.

"They're gonna go around and they're gonna look," he said. "They're gonna peek in windows, and they're going to see vehicles that are easy, that have the keys in them."

Local driver Natalie Williams acknowledged that she takes a risk when she leaves her vehicle unlocked, but said she does it out of habit of it when she goes into the gas station. 

"I go in either to get a soda or pay for gas, and I leave it," she said. "I don't leave it running, but it's open."

Bogue urged people to remember that their vehicles hold value.  They said if you wouldn't leave $20,000 in your vehicle unattended, then you shouldn't leave your car keys in your vehicle.

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