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Prosecutor says Lovelace trial to begin as scheduled


The second Curtis Lovelace murder trial will begin as scheduled on Feb. 27, according to Special Prosecutor Ed Parkinson.

Lovelace is accused of murdering Cory Lovelace, his first wife, back in 2006. He went to trial last year, but it ended with a hung jury.

Parkinson said both sides agreed they were ready for trial during a pretrial conference call Friday morning.

According to Parkinson, a majority of the conference call was spent discussing a motion regarding evidence filed by the defense this week. The motion stated there was evidence previously obtained by the prosecution that wasn't turned over to the defense, despite a court order.


Parkinson said the defense sent him 3,600 pages of documents this week. He said the documents contained information included in responses to FOIA requests made by a third party, specifically a Washington, D.C. attorney.

The defense claims the documents they acquired from the attorney suggests there are more documents they don't have.

"We don't have the stuff they're looking for," Parkinson said on the phone. "We're supposed to take a couple more steps and urge the (Quincy) police department to give them some more things, but it's not supposed to impact the start of the trial."

Parkinson said the 3,600 pages of documents include medical records for Curtis Lovelace and Curtis Lovelace, emails, funeral home records, police logs and agency protocols. He said, for the most part, the records weren't pertinent to case.

"(The documents) obviously didn't mean a lot since we are not going to continue the trial date," Parkinson said.

You can read the motion discussed Friday below:

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