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Poll: Rising costs making college decision difficult

Students consider costs when choosing a college Students consider costs when choosing a college

For high school seniors, picking the perfect college is a difficult decision and one of the biggest deciding factors is cost.

According to a poll by UCLA, almost half of first-year college students said they chose their college based on financial assistance offered. 

Liberty High School guidance counselor Justin Adams said students need to make time to search for scholarships.

"There's a lot of great scholarship sites out there," he said. "I keep my web page through the school updated for students about upcoming dates and scholarships they can apply for, but just taking the time is the most important thing. "

Adams recommended college bound seniors set aside one or two times per week to apply for scholarships.

He also said teens should apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as soon as possible

Hadley Duke, a senior at Liberty High School, said cost definitely played a role when she picked her college.

"It's really important to apply for scholarships, and do as much as you can to lessen that cost," she said.

Duke also said that students should utilize their talents as much as they can when it comes to applying for scholarships. She noted there are many scholarship opportunities available to students that have special skills and talents.

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