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Moore clinches second term as Quincy Mayor

Kyle Moore Kyle Moore
VanCamp calls incumbent Kyle Moore to congratulate him. VanCamp calls incumbent Kyle Moore to congratulate him.
Jeff VanCamp Jeff VanCamp

Kyle Moore clinched his second term as Quincy Mayor during Tuesday's election.

His challenger Jeff VanCamp conceded the race, calling Moore to congratulate him just after 8 p.m.

A large crowd came out to celebrate the victory. Moore told the crowd it was time to come together and work towards moving the city forward.

Moore said while he was confident heading into Tuesday's election, the city showed they appreciated his first term in office.

"Yes, we've had to make difficult decisions, but that's what we're chosen to do," Moore said. "We are chosen to lead. It may not make everybody in the room happy, but that's not what we are elected to do. We're elected to put our best foot forward and make the difficult decisions today so life is better off for future generations and we've done that."

Moore said he plans to go back to area employers to continue to find ways to bring in better paying jobs. He said that's been his goal in his first term and will be the same in the second.

Moore also said he'd limit himself to two terms. He said the same when he was elected to his first term.

Meanwhile, VanCamp hugged family and supporters telling them he's proud of everything they've done in the last six months.

VanCamp said the race was hard fought and despite a heated campaign and accusations of dirty politics, he believes both candidates have a new found respect for one another. 

Despite the loss, VanCamp felt he raised an important dialogue about the gem city's issues.

"Particularly the crime rate,"VanCamp said. "The increase in crime and the increase in drugs. That's really something that is a tremendous threat to the community. I'm not sure that before I brought that out that, that was something, frankly, planned to be talked about."

VanCamp still has two years left as an alderman on city council and plans to continue his goal of lowering crime in Quincy.

When asked if he would make another run for mayor in four years, VanCamp  said "I'm not planning on it."

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