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Local school uses robot to enhance learning


A new robot is teaching local students some new tricks in the classroom.

No, this little ball isn't a high tech replacement for the teacher -- but it is another tool St. Dominics is now using to better prepare kids for an evolving workforce.

Right now, students 4th through 8th grade are in the early stages of learning how to make apps -- they're learning how to write computer codes to control the robot --a skill teachers say will really come in handy when these students get into the workforce.

"So they're not only learning how to program a computer they're using a lot of science, engineering, math they're learning the metric system, learning how to engineer and program this robot to do exactly what they tell it to do," said teacher Nan Wood.

Wood says they've only had the robot for a couple weeks, but the reaction's been so positive that they now plan to expand to have a complete robotics program at St. Dominics.

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