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Liberty pair sign GLVC letters of intent


Common sense makes you think that Eagles fly but in Liberty,  Illinois that couldn't be farther from the truth because they run. Friday, two more Eagles decided to take the next stride on their run to college athletics. 

Lucas Booher and Logan Waid both signed their letters of intent to continue their track and cross country careers. Booher decided to stretch his legs a bit and chose to sign with GLVC school, Illinois-Springfield.

"It wasn't too far from home and I do like it around here," Booher said.  

"But it was also far enough away for me to kind of get away and be able to live my own life. They also had great programs for me to go into." 

Waid didn't mind staying close to home and chose to sign with Quincy University to join some former teammates of his. 

"It felt more like a family to me," Waid says.  

"I used to compete against the kids that are older on the team. The freshman and sophomores at QU, they used to be part of my old AAU track team. So it's a close knit family."    

Either way, with their signatures the two Liberty teammates made certain that they will see each other again in Great Lakes Valley Conference competitions. 

"It will be hard but if I train harder than him I can catch him," said Waid of Booher. 

"It's going to be a blast to be able to see him at some of the meets in both cross country and track and compete against him," said Booher. 


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