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Lovelace sues accusers

Adam Gibson (left) and Curtis Lovelace during their testimonies in the second trial. Adam Gibson (left) and Curtis Lovelace during their testimonies in the second trial.
Curtis Lovelace during his second trial. Curtis Lovelace during his second trial.

Former prosecutor Curtis Lovelace filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Quincy, Adams County and several individuals just two months after he was acquitted for murder.

Lovelace filed the 11-count suit May 5 in US District Court in Springfield, Illinois. The suit was filed on behalf of Curtis, his wife Christina and his children Logan, Lincoln and Larson.

The defendants in the suit are:

  • Adam Gibson (Quincy Police Detective)
  • Robert Copley (Quincy Police Chief)
  • John Summers (Quincy Police Sergeant)
  • Dina Dreyer (Quincy Police Lieutenant)
  • Anjanette Biswell (Quincy Police Detective)
  • City of Quincy
  • Adams County
  • Gary Farha (Adams County State's Attorney)
  • James Keller (Adams County Coroner)
  • Unknown Quincy Police officers

Lovelace was accused of murdering his first wife, Cory, back in 2006. He went to trial in 2016, but it ended in a hung jury. In his second trial, Lovelace was found not guilty by a Springfield jury on March 10.

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The complaint states Lovelace was deprived "of his constitutional right to a fair trial by withholding and suppressing exculpatory and impeachment evidence and by fabricating evidence against Plaintiff." It states the defendant officers, Farha, and Keller intentionally withheld exculpatory and impeachment evidence from Lovelace and the prosecution.

Documents state the withholding mislead and misdirected the prosecution of Lovelace.

The documents also state the defendant officers, Farha and Keller "knowingly fabricated and solicited false evidence implicating (Lovelace in) the crime, and pursued and almost obtained (Lovelace's) conviction using that false evidence.

It also states that Copley, Summers, Dreyer and other "unknown defendants" had knowledge of the misconduct of Gibson, Biswell and other unknown defendant officers.

The complaint also states Copley, Summers, Dreyer, Gibson, Biswell, and unknown defendant officers unlawfully and unreasonably detained Lovelace's children named in the lawsuit and his wife Christine. It said they were detained at their respective schools and the police station without justification and without the knowledge and/or consent of their parents.

The documents state QPD "has a policy, practice, and custom of involuntarily detaining witnesses to violent crimes for unreasonable periods of time, and involuntarily detaining minors without the consent or knowledge of their parents and/or guardians." It states the City of Quincy didn't try to stop the "patterns of abuse."

The complaint doesn't specify how much money Lovelace is asking for in the suit.

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See the full complaint below:

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