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Flight service contract up for bidding

Passengers prepare to check in for a flight on Cape Air. Passengers prepare to check in for a flight on Cape Air.

Quincy's airport simply isn't used enough, according to the airport director. He's now pushing for changes that could be good news for travelers.

Charlie Dorsch says this week was his first time flying in and out of Quincy.

"I really didn't know about Cape Air," Dorsch said. "I wish they would expand because I know I'll be back here to visit my sister. "

He says the price is great and better than a bus from St. Louis, but feels it's advantages are limited.

"My other sister from Dallas is down here," Dorsch added. "She didn't know about Cape Air either."

Airport Director Terrance Ward says he's been listening.  He's looking to make big changes as the airport bids out its essential air service contract.

"We will hopefully provide good times, good routes, frequency, and it's consistent," Ward said. "I think that's what the people want and that's what I'm looking for."

The airport's goal is to get 10,000 passengers a year. Last year, Cape Air only saw 8,000 riders. Ward says it shows residents want more routes.  

"If the people of Quincy want to go to a certain area or certain airport, let us know," Ward explained. "That is something we're going to let these bidders know, like 'hey can you do this?'"

Not everyone's going to the airport to fly. Liberty resident Verna Jones is a big fan of the airport's newly opened restaurant and feels it's a good step towards making Quincy a regional hub.

"I'd like to see Quincy grow and have more jobs around to bring people in," Jones said. "By doing this, we all could have jobs in different areas."

Ward says that's the plan.

"A healthy growing city has a healthy growing airport," Ward added. "We work hand-in-hand. So that's my overall long-term."

Bidding for the contract is open until mid-June. Ward then says public hearings will be held with each airline service who put in a bid before a contract is awarded in late summer.

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