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Controversy over Illinois school funding formula reform

Illinois state flag. Illinois state flag.

Strong words from Illinois lawmakers Friday, angry at Governor Bruce Rauner's administration, amid calls for the Illinois inspector general to investigate what they're calling fraudulent school funding numbers.

Democrats are accusing the Rauner administration of undermining efforts to reform the state's school funding formula.

Senators held a press conference Friday, saying false and erroneous drafts of school funding formula numbers were leaked for political gain, but it appears the information was posted on a state education board website nearly a year ago.

"In a time where there's all this noise, angst, cynicism, and hyper-partisan everything, if you're going to put numbers out, information out, make sure it's the correct information and the correct numbers, that's the least you can do," said Democratic Illinois Sen. Toi Hutchinson of the 40th District.

Rauner's office responded to the accusations with a statement Friday.

"The Senate Democrats today jumped the shark. One cannot leak something that is on a public web site. Their false and outrageous accusations have been disproven, and they should apologize for manufacturing blatantly false accusations."

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