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Blue and white service honors local first responders

Blue and White service held at the Cathedral of Worship in Quincy Blue and White service held at the Cathedral of Worship in Quincy

Local police and firefighters joined the community in worship, honoring those who serve the Quincy community.

A day of Hope on Sunday as members of the Cathedral of Worship in Quincy joined with local first responders for a morning of worship. 

"Our police department and everybody else, they take care of us in this city and I thank God for that," Ella Warren said.

Local police, firefighters and community leaders joined in song and prayer. Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley said it was a chance for first responders to build relationships with those in the community

"To know that you've got the support of the community is huge. It's important, it's needed," Copley added. "If you don't have the community's support then you're doing something wrong."

Something Adams County Sheriff  Brian VonderHaar said is getting harder, especially for police.

"A lot of times there's poor light put on law enforcement and the community itself," VonderHaar said. "This kind of reemphasizes that it's not all like that."

Firefighters said they hope services like this one go a long way when they're out serving the community.

"We see people at their worst a lot of times, which is unfortunate," Assistant Chief James Pioch said. "Quincy has a good sense of community and this just really emphasizes that. It brings out the positive on both sides. We're all working for the same thing."

The community got the opportunity to say thank you.

For first responders, it was able to help them recharge and get back out there. 

"I think it re-energizes all of us and in return, we can't thank these people enough for doing this," VonderHaar said.

After the service, first responders were treated to a luncheon with the congregation at the Quincy Country Club.

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