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Lovelace retrial costs city, county over $35,000

Curtis Lovelace (right) and his attorney Jon Loevy during the retrial. Curtis Lovelace (right) and his attorney Jon Loevy during the retrial.

The retrial of former prosecutor Curtis Lovelace cost the Quincy Police Department and Adams County Circuit Clerk's Office over $35,000 combined, according to our newsgathering partners at the Herald-Whig.

Lovelace went on trial for a second time in February on a first-degree murder charge. A Springfield jury found him not guilty March 10 in connection with the death of his first wife Cory back in 2006.

His first trial in 2016 ended in a hung jury. The Whig reported that trial cost more than $22,000.

The Herald-Whig filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the Quincy Police Department, Adams County State's Attorney's Office, Adams County Circuit Clerk's Office and Illinois State's Attorney Appellate Prosecutor's Office.

The Whig reported the biggest cost was paying Michigan-based pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz. Records showed Spitz was paid $12,343. The Whig reported forensic pathologist Dr. Jane Turner billed $10,175 for her services, which included $4,400 per day for two days of testimony.

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley told the Herald-Whig his department used funds it had at the end of the fiscal year.

"The state's attorney general covers (expert witness costs), but when you get into high-dollar experts, there's usually a deal made ahead of time, which is where we were in the second trial," Copley told the Whig. "When the second trial came along, we never really sat down and talked about it."

Copley defended hiring expert witnesses in the case.

"Both sides have to get their experts to try and win, and those experts unfortunately cost money," he told the Whig. "In some cases, you don't have much of this, but in a case like the Lovelace case, you do."

The Whig reported that Adams County was billed $6,096 by Sangamon County. Adams County also reimbursed Circuit Clerk Lori Gecshwandner $1,160 for hotel, travel, meals and parking during the trial in Springfield.

The Herald-Whig reported that the $35,793 costs to the city and county did not include housing Lovelace in the Hancock County Jail.

You can read the Herald-Whig's story on the cost here. For more on the Lovelace case, click here.

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