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Residents react to attempted burglary and shooting in Lee County

Home on the 2400 block of 270th St. Home on the 2400 block of 270th St.
Window shattered at home. Window shattered at home.
Car windshield shattered. Car windshield shattered.
Crime Scene Tape at the home. Crime Scene Tape at the home.

Neighbors in the area of 2400 block of 270th Street in Montrose, Iowa are concerned after they woke up to find themselves in the middle of a crime scene. 

Many say it's a wake-up call.

Flashing lights and yellow tape, that's what residents woke up to this morning. 

"We were shocked," Trish Tripp said. "I was asking the other neighbors what was going on and they didn't know either."

Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations said Lee County Sheriff deputies responded to a  burglary in progress just after midnight.

"He did say my neighbor was okay and that someone had broken in and it got pretty ugly," neighbor Marty Van Pelt said. 

Sheriff Stacy Weber said Joshua Welborn was not cooperating with the deputies and was armed with a weapon, but it was not a gun.

Weber said there was contact made and then Deputy Dakota Foley fired one shot, striking Welborn. 

"They have good deputies and they wouldn't just open fire because they wanted to, Jerry Miller said. "They train for it, so he obviously thought his life was in danger."

DCI said Welborn remains hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Trish Tripp said the news was scary and crime like this doesn't happen in the rural area. 

"You don't think you are safe in Keokuk or Fort Madison, but you do think you are safe in Montrose," Tripp said. "People leave their doors unlocked here, probably not no more."

Marty Van Pelt said he's worried about his neighbor, saying it must have been a terrifying experience. 

"I can't wait to talk to him and ask him if there is anything I can do to help ya or if you want to stay with me," Van Pelt said. 

The case is now being looked at by the Iowa Attorney General's Office. 

Sheriff Weber said it's a good thing, because it gives the office an unbiased review.

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