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ALDI issues warning about fake coupon

Fake ALDI coupon. Fake ALDI coupon.

Have you seen a coupon on social media recently offering $75 off your next purchase at ALDI?

The company said it's actually a fake. 

ALDI said the company does not issue electronic coupons and these coupons will not be accepted at any ALDI store. The company has been issuing warnings to customers about fake coupons over the past year. 

Similar posts by the company were shared last fall and summer.

Back in March, ALDI posted a statement to Facebook about these fake ads and asking customers to share the info with friends. 

"We’re working on fixing the situation, so if you’d like to help us out and spread the news, feel free to share this post. We’re sorry for the confusion," they said.

Earlier this year, scammers targeted online shoppers for Mother's Day with coupons promising big savings from stores like Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Kohl's. 

You can contact ALDI customer service here.

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